Human Centrum Ltd. was established in 1993 and the company has had the same owners and been under the same management since its inception. The company has 30 years experience in the HR industry and  is 100% Hungarian owned. The main scope of Human Centrum Ltd is recruitment, placement, temporary staffing and HR outsourcing and the network today extends to every part of the country.

Our aim is to increase and develop the efficiency of human resources, a very important key to a company's success. The HR mandate is to use two basic capabilities to accomplish this mission: a competitive approach and the capability of renewal.

We always strive to solve the problem. Our main features are: preparation, openness, practical common sense, circumspection and creativity. The key to success is to make Human Centrum efficient in building real  relationships between employers and job seekers. 

Our leaders have remarkable practical knowledge in managing and contracting the workforce, so we can provide our clients with custom-tailored solutions.