It is very important for every general manager to learn how to operate HR processes economically but in compliance with relevant legislation in force. Among all the resources of the company, it is human capital that represents one of the most sensitive and most expensive cost items, which therefore is of high priority.

If you want to take advantage of all the tax benefits possible and reliefs from HR administration but have no time to do it on your own, then turn to our company. Within strategic HR consultancy, we will assist you in understanding legal regulations and find the best solutions for your company.

The following is a list of some social security and tax policy issues which constatnly changed, but with accurate knowledge and practical explanation we can help you make the operation of your company more transparent and more efficient.


Social security consulting:

  • Explanation of regulations and modifications relating to pension
  • Determination of work time
  • Assistance in submitting pension claims 


Information on child care benefits:

  • Eligibility to maternity leave,
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Child care benefit (GYED), child care allowance (GYES),
  • Paternity leave, family allowances etc...


Regulations relating to the processing of sick benefit payments:

  • Amount of sick benefit payment


Coverage of social security payments:

  • Notification obligation,
  • Payment of contributions, benefits, exemptions
  • Issues relating to social contribution tax


Tax consultancy


Rate of personal income tax on emloyee benefits

  • Explanation of modifications
  • Proactive warning in critical cases relating to corporate benefits
  • Consulting services in specific questions


Rules on payers/employers


Benefits, Cafeteria:

Support the work of compensation associates in ad-hoc questions which may be related to legal regulations, we explain the rules concerning, benefits and procedures for modifications,in the benefits package. Proactive proposals for improving the system of corporate benefits in accordance with the regulations which change year to year. Comment on partner offers related to benefits. Support corporate share incentive programs on the side of tax consultants.