We established HumánCentrum Retirement Association of Public Utility with the help our company’s 25 years of experience in workforce planning, and created a new option of workforce in the growing volume of employment. The work experience of retired citizens, paired with the significant tax reductions is highly appealing to many companies.

We already had good experiences with employing retired professionals from before but from 2017 this type of employment receive even more legal and financial support compared to full time employment.



  • You get access to experienced workforce
  • You don’t have to deal with administration and payroll calculations.
  • You can reach 30-50% cost savings
  • The retired workier can earn a higher net salary.
  • You only pay for the actual working hours.


  • Financial and professional stability since 1992.
  • With the help of our country-wide network you can rely on our experience with the regional labour market 
  • Project managers with experience in organizing thousands of employees work with us to meet your workforce demands
  • We have experience with various industries: from unskilled labour to roles requiring higher education
  • Transparent and lawful operation: we are registered by the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary and officially free of public depts


Our company in numbers

  • 17 offices in our country-wide network
  • 75 HR associates
  • 5000 members in employment every month
  • Ask for a calculation on the costs of working with a retirement  work association