What does temporary staffing mean?

Temporary staffing or employee leasing is a kind of employment form, where instead of the employer (sucribing firm) the temp agency (Leasing firm) makes contract with the employee and does employer administrative duties (resignation, employment, notice in Hungarian Uniform Labour Database, paying of wages, etc.), but the actual work happens on the employment’s work-place, the employer controls and checks the employer defines the working-time, plan of work, lunch time, the detailed task, etc.  


To whom do we advise temporary staffing:


  • If you don’t want to or couldn’t commit yourself to the company for long-term, you can get more experience with shorter jobs, which increase your potential on the labour market
  • If you don’t have permanent labour relation, you can search for job temporarily
  • If you want to find a job for long-term, in many cases of short-term employment changes to long-term work place, as a due to the bilateral satisfaction
  • If you are a student and want to get experience, what you could use in your career


What kind of work do we offer You?

We provide potential jobs from the one or two months period up to several-year period. For this time-interval You become Human Centrum’s employee, and You will work on the work place of our Partner. You will get your regular salary with sick leave and time off money from Human Centrum, but You do the work according to the instructions of our Partner. The whole labour market is covered by the industries of our Partners and the needful positions, from the semiskilled jobs to the high-qualified and experienced tasks.


What kind of advantages do temporary jobs have?

  • This time is also calculated into the duty time (pension)
  • In case of illness you are in protection
  • You get salary for the time off period and for paid holidays
  • You can explore more industries and cultures of companies
  • You can get diverse experience, which means advantage on the labour market 


How can we help You to find the right work place?

You can find our entry-form on our website or you can fill it personally in our office, and by filling it you become a member of our database free of charge. With the help of your personal details and prepared CV (which is made by software), we find You the most suitable work place for your experience and qualification level, but You can also browse from our job offers, and apply to them by the reference number. In case of bilateral interest we inform You of the employer, the scope of activities, and arrange the personal interview with the HR consultant of the employer. We inform You about both results – either positive or negative feedbacks.


Why does it worth to chose Human Centrum?

  • You have resort to our services and advice free of charge
  • We takeover all the administration tasks in connection with the employment
  • If your labour relation is off, we help you to find another one
  • Our nationwide network allow us of find job offers in the whole territory of the country
  • We can offer many positions in all kind of industries