I. Placement Professional

If you want to be sure to get the best labor force possible to come to your company, you should come to us. We have an up-to-date database of potential applicants; experienced consultants who know the labor market well and are experts in placement; recruitment software which enables us to make position profiles as well as advertize and we accurately administer applicants.


We help You with the following process to find the right employee: 

  • We make a position-profile 
  • We advertise in selected media outlets
  • We sort and select the CVs and the applicants, we inform them about our decision
  • Within the frameworks of phone pre-screening we inform the applicants about conditions and possibilities
  • We rate the applicants based on the interviews
  • We introduce the most suitable applicants, and we agree on the contract of work
  • We collect all the needed documents to make the contract of work
  • We consign the whole personal details to our Partner 



  • We rate the applicant by objective parameters, which preconceive with our Partner
  • For our Partner’s demand we can test the applicant’s language and computer knowledge, work psychology aptitude and other special knowledge with determined tests.
  • If You are dissatisfied with the applicant after enterng into a contract, we search for a new employee within the guarantee time free of charge 

II. Placement Medium

We make a position profile of the client's labor need and from the position profile, the HC recruitment software makes an online advertisement. We archive our applicant data in the program and make selections based on different parameters. We select incoming applicants using set criteria so we can make a short list of the most suitable applicants. When the selection process is ineffective, we can modify the parameters and with this option the client can select from a wider range of applicants. If there is a need to interview an applicant we do it.


Let us customize a plan for you.