The expertise of retired citizens

The years of work experience gained by retired professionals can be applied in many areas of the economy. Retirement work association can be a good solution regarding part-time employment, in case of casual and project work, when training young employees or employing former ones who reached the age of retirement. Contact us and let’s talk about what You need!


30-50% reduction of taxes and contributions

This type of employment is evidently more economic in case of employees with the same financial motivations. The labor executed by members of retirement associations provides the advantage of significant reductions of taxes and contributions (e.g.: social contribution, contribution to vocational training, contribution to rehabilitation and pension contributions). The saving can reach 30-50% with the same net wage and considering the employer’s contributions related to employment as well.

Ask for a calculation on employing retired employees!


Tax reductions can be applied to any old-age pensioner who

  • receives full or partial old-age pension
  • is a woman entitled to pension after 40 years of employment. 


Beneficial for the pensioners as well

Retired citizens’ professional network is decreasing but our association’s goal is to match the demand of the labour market and the supply of retired employees. Practically, besides the 15% of the personal income tax there are no other charges on the members’ wages. This way they are able to reach higher net salary as a member of the retirement association than in direct employment. The membership does not give the retired worker insurance so the salary gained through the association is not included in the wage limit calculation, although it does not increase the amount of pension either.


Workforce planning with a retirement association

Our association provides the same media presence, counselling and technical support to its retired members in recruitment and selection as it does in full time workforce planning. The employment of retired citizens are regulated by §15-41. of the X. law on associations of 2016.


You define the task and the ideal workforce and we:

  • post the job
  • implement the tasks of recruitment and selection
  • make the work contract with the your chosen retired workforce
  • arrange official declarations regarding the employment
  • do payroll calculations based on confirmed timesheets
  • transfer the salary to the retired workers


Your payment to the association is based on working hours. Thus, the costs are accurately substantiated.

Working with a retirement work association can be a convenient and economical complement to full-time employment.

 Take advantage of it!