What we offer: You can give us your employee administrative tasks and you are freed up to focus your attention on your main businnes tasks.

A top manager's attention is divided between many tasks, there are regulations to comply with which is especially true for continously changing tasks like payroll, calculation and manging health insurance. Human Centrum provides colleagues with years of experience in handling payroll and with up-to-date knowledge and information on the current laws, as well as the right infrastructure the handle the task.

Extent of our health insurance administration :

  • Prepare and extend work contract
  • Calculate payroll
  • Notify in Hungarian Uniform Labour Database, employment and resignation
  • Pay and register all taxes (employees and employer)
  • Administer tax obligations (OEP registration, payment, notification)
  • Supply data to authorities
  • Solve employee’s administrative problems, inssuance of certifications
  • Assure and administer all contribution-in-kind (Monthly passes, meal payment voucher) or other allowances based on the contract
  • Register and keep employee documents related to labour relations.

Advantages :

  • You don't just save on wage administration costs, but you also save on office and computer infrastructure costs.  
  • Our qualified, experienced payroll clerks handle the payroll for thousand of employees in numerous companies.
  • Our customer service is available eight hours a day
  • We offers a money-back gourantee on our services


Service fee :

Each project is assessed individually but the fee is generally based on the size of the headcount and the complexity of the given task.


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