On the basis of a long-year experience, we can state that both parts of the company have demonstrated extensive preparation, highly professional workmanship and considerable willingness to compromise during our collaboration. Both in student and adult employment we experienced the same professional accuracy, exacting attitude and helpfulness, when we turned to them with new demand for labour force. We particularly appreciated that all along the recruitment to a certain position, they haven’t just made an effort to keep in mind our expectations of the employee, but they also strove to find the most prepared and professionally competent candidate, even if it meant extra work for them.

Gabriella Pálfalvi
Weinmayr CEC Kft.
Personal and Financial Manager

Human Centrum Kft. always entirely met all its conractual obligations. Fulfills its service at a satisfactory professional level, accurately, precisely. Certainly deserves to be highlighted its flexibility regarding administration and contact policy.

Éva Kiss
Edelmann Hungary Packaging Zrt.
Office manager

The Human Centrum Kft. from 1st october 2009 hires and recruits employees for Ziehl-Abegg Kft. The hired members’ average stuff number is around 110-130. The contact points and project leaders are always available fulfilling its service trustworthily and accurately.

Ferenc Szijártó
Ziehl-Abegg Kft.
Executive Director

Human Centrum Kft. entirely met all its conractual obligations. Fulfills its service at a high professional level, accurately. Significantly advanced the running of our Company, representing our organizational values with their employees.

Zsolt Ötvös
ÉMÁSZ Hálózat Kft.
Department of Data Analysis

Thank you very much for all the help, seriously, my life would have been much harder without You. The commitment and support with which you turned to us, surpassed all my experience until now in case of similar service!

Szabolcs Sziklási
AXN Magyarország Kft.