Executive searching, also known as headhunting, is a special type of recruitment. Primarily, this  process is for middle and top level managers and for finding people for positions requiring special knowledge or that have a high level of responsibility.


We can do a search for leaders and professionals through different channels at the same time: in our database, advertisements, via Internet, through professional networks and through direct contacts.


The searching process:

  • We make a lost of target companies that suit the applicant's reqwuirements
  • We work with te client to make a postition profil and research plan
  • We start a combined search through more channels
  • We search for the right applicant availability and inform him/her of the details of the new position
  • We evaluate submitted applications
  • We conduct interviews and do pre-screens
  • We check qualifications, past workplaces, references
  • We make a short list for our clients
  • We introduce the applicants to the companies


Our executive selection process offers many great advantages:

  • Surveys of the labor market are done discreetly
  • If the applicant’s employment is terminated during the probation period, we will provide a new candidate free of charge
  • The search process is tailored to company needs 


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If our placement cannot adjust to the culture of the company in the given time or is simply not suitable for the company, we will begin the search process anew.