What does the temporary staffing mean?

Temporary staffing, or employee leasing, is a form of employment where a temp agency (Leasing company) makes a contract with the employee instead of the employer (Subscribing firm) and takes over the employer’s administrative duties for that employee (resignation, employment, notice in Hungarian Uniform Labor Database, paying of wages, etc.). But the actual work of the employed person is overseen by the employer. This means things such as scheduling work plans, lunch time, detailed tasks, etc., are managed by the employer.

Employee Leasing Process:


What kind of advantages does temporary staffing offer to you

  • Decreased time of the recruitment and selection process
  • We select the right applicants with the relevant aptitude tests
  • In case of absence caused by illness, we provide a new employee
  • Our up-to-date database contains suitable employees to meet your capacity needs
  • Employees with professional practice can be mobilized for the short-term also
  • We provide continuous consulting and quick problem solution to you
  • Everything we do is above borad  legal human resource management
  • We cover our employees’ professional education expenses 


We advise employee leasing in the following cases: 

  • If the production of the company fluctuates over time because of a company’s profile.
  • A company doesn't have enough capacity to redeploy labor resources, transportation, and assurance of accommodation facilities.
  • A company doesn't have enough capacity for the administration and time to take on.
  • In cases of sick leave, holiday or maternity benefits
  • The owner of the company doesn’t allow the further increasing of direct employees
  • In case of increased administrative work(stock-taking, introducing new software)
  • In cases when replacement of workforce is needed immediately


Temporary Staffing Services

  • We do all the employment related administrative and labour tasks
  • Preparation and extension of employee contracts
  • Payroll calculation
  • Notification of employment and resignations in the Hungarian Uniform Labor Database, 
  • Payment of all taxe for employees and employers and registration
  • Administering tax obligations (National Health Insurance registration, payment, notification)
  • Providing data to Authority
  • Offering solution to employee’s administrative problems, certification set-out
  • Assuring all the contribution-in-kind (Monthly pass, meal payment voucher) or other allowances according to the contract and handling the connected administration


On-site management:

  • Having a daily presence which greatly increases work discipline and decreases turnover at workplaces
  • Keeping in touch with the employees, team and shift leader daily
  • Continuously monitoring the headcount, coordinating the terms of transportation and the start of work
  • Ascertaining the reasons of absence, and the headcount replacement
  • Fast response to our partners’ demands
  • Compliance the work-hours 

To bridge the gap in labor markets

  • We provide transportation from hard-to-reach places and interconnection between the permanently tight labour market and the countryside where unemployment is greater.
  • We manage transportation betweenindustrial areas that need workers and areas that have labour (around 100 km radius). 


Combined solution

Temporary staffing and placement together - Try and Hire

If you can not decide, whether your labour need is for long-term or not, whether to hire a permanent employee, without taking the risk and facing the difficulties (unsuitable employee, renunciation) over of probation, we can provide a combined solution to You:

  • We find the right applicant for your requirements and needs
  • From a recruitment perspective, you can make sure that the applicant is suitable
  • After the probation or a determined time you can employ the applicant to your own staff, so recruitment time can be seen as a probationary period

Our service fee : 

The base of our service fee is determined by taking the gross income of the employee and assigning a multiplier, whose amount depends on the headcount, scope of activities, assignment terms and amount of work we must expend for the project. 


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