Mind-Diak Association was established in 1992 with the goal of providing professional and temporary labor from the pool of students at universities, colleges and secondary schools. Our essential task is to find  work solutions for students which can be integrated with the fact that they are still students and have complex scheduling needs. 

Beside their studies, students can get valuable work experience to help overcome the difficulties of entering the job market. 


Student work has numerous advantages:

• It is more flexible, very mobile, and has a great headcount capacity.

• The available education level is minimally at a medium level and meets current requirements including computer and language knowledge.

• Administering this workforce segment is simpler than the normal workforce segment.

• A great number of discounts can be realized from the perspective of the economy and the price of doing business.


We have a young, dynamic, precise team working with us and doing their best to find the right balance between the student workforce and clients.


Our basic data: 

• Number of employees at Human Centrum Kft.: 45    

• Number of student placements per year : 7155  

• Number of monthly student placements : 1700 

• Number of offices: 18